10x Growth Account – The Premier Crypto Currency Account
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The 10x Growth Account

The Premier Crypto Currency Account

Secure and Easy Access to Cryptocurrency managed by experienced Crypto Currency Experts.

Following the Success of previous Accounts

Account 10.0 NOW OPEN

The Exciting World of Cryptocurrency….

This opportunity provides you simple secure access to the world of cryptocurrency with the highest security levels,  all cryptocurrency are held in cold storage (offline).   The 10x Growth Account removes the complexity surrounding access to cryptocurrency and takes the difficulty out of deciding which cryptocurrency to buy – all from an easy to use platform, with the highest levels of security provided by cryptocurrency experts.

We’ve made it really easy for you….

The 10x Growth Account is a UK based investment opportunity that enables you access to a portfolio of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and Ripple through our team of cryptocurrency experts who have vast experience in the blockchain space.

How to open a Growth Account….

When you have decided how much to put in, simply open your account by clicking on the button below and pay in the level of funds you are happy to invest and the team at 10x Growth Account will take care of everything else. It could not be easier.


The 10x Growth Account 10.0 is now OPEN….

Following a very successful launch of previous 10x Growth Accounts we now bring you 10x Growth Account 10.0 which opens for new accounts from 10th January 2019.

  • UK based
  • SSL-EV Secure
  • Simple access to cryptocurrencies
  • Diversified approach
  • World class team

The BENEFITS of using 10x Growth Account 10.0 ….

Cryptocurrency investment offers potentially very attractive returns which have traditionally had an unacceptable risk profile and can be exceedingly difficult to engage with, as they are obscured by technical complexity. There are over 4000 cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. Choice paralyses, choice adds cost, complexity and the need for guidance. The 10x Growth Account aims to change this with a portfolio that is re-balanced to mitigate risk, has broad market share and allows for diversification in cryptocurrency assets by opening a single account.

Ready to get started…

Open your Growth Account now

How does it work…

When you have opened a 10x Growth Account and decided how much to pay in, you will receive confirmation of the amount you have paid in. Then, following the conversion date (1st February 2019), you will access your own personal dashboard which will show your account holdings. The cryptocurrency assets will be managed by the team of cryptocurrency experts.

Note: this is a 12 month account after which time you can either fully withdraw, partially withdraw or continue with the account. Statements will be issued quarterly..


Our success is your success… What does that mean…

We simply share in the profits we make you from the Cryptocurrency basket on a quarterly basis. The better we do, the better you do. E.G if you invest £10,000 and the value increases over the quarter by 100%, we will receive 30% and therefore only benefit when you benefit.

NOTE: We give back at 10xGrowth Account…..10% will be donated to charities each quarter as decided by you (our account holders). This is a win win account for everyone.


Road map

1. 30th April 2018

10x Growth Account 1.0 closed to new Accounts

2. 31st May 2018

10x Growth Account 2.0 closed to new Accounts

3. 30th June 2018

10x Growth Account 3.0 closed to new Accounts

4. 31st July 2018

10x Growth Account 4.0 closed to new Accounts

5. 31st August 2018

10x Growth Account 5.0 closed to new Accounts

6. 30th September 2018

10x Growth Account 6.0 closed to new Accounts

5th November 2018

10x Growth Account 7.0 closed to new Accounts

3rd December 2018

10x Growth Account 8.0 closed to new Accounts

9th January 2019

10x Growth Account 9.0 closed to new Accounts

10th January 2019

10x Growth Account 10.0 OPEN to new Accounts

1st May 2019

10x Growth Account 10.0 - First quarterly statement is produced.

1st February 2020

10x Growth Account 10.0 All funds available for withdrawal

The Growth Account associated companies

roth copy

The Easy Access Crypto Company

The Easy Access Crypto Company (TEACC) looks after you, the customer from start to finish, by answering any questions you may have, we are your point of contact.

David Berryman
Managing Director

If you would like more information or wish to speak to a member of our team please complete the form to your right.

Prefer to call? Call us on +44 (0) 203 355 2848

The Easy Access Crypto Company Ltd, Office address: Office 13 The Palace Building, Quay Street, Truro TR1 2HE company number 11175033

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Growth Account situated?

The 10x Growth Account 10.0 has been created by National Solutions UK Ltd, Registration number 10260464. You can visit our offices at Office 13 The Palace Building, Quay Street, Truro TR1 2HE

Who are the associated companies and what do they do?

National Solutions UK is the owner of 10x Growth Account 10.0 and provides the payment process to ensure your funds are looked after and protected.

The Easy Access Crypto Company (TEACC) looks after you, the customer from start to finish, by answering any questions you may have, we are your point of contact.

How much can I put into The Growth Account?

You can put in any amount from £2000…. (please ensure any amount you put in is affordable and seek financial advice if you are unsure)

How do I open a Growth Account?

We have made this as simple as possible, click “Open a 10x Growth Account” button and you will be taken to the platform where you can enter your details and decide if you want to pay in £’s, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The £’s will need to be sent by bank transfer and Bitcoin/Ethereum will be sent from your digital wallet to the 10x Growth digital wallet. All details will be provided on the payment portal.

How do I know what my account is worth?

Each quarter (the first quarter’s statement for Account 10.0 will be produced on 1st May 2019).

Why is this a 12 month account?

The Cryptocurrency market is still new and volatile and we have made a decision that to maximise the return to you, a 12 month time period is the best option. At the end of 12 months (Account 10.0 is the 1st February 2020) you can either fully withdraw, partially withdraw or leave the account fully open.

Is The Growth Account regulated?

No, The 10x Growth Account is not regulated. At this time the UK regulators have not confirmed what regulation will apply to Cryptocurrency world.

Why should I open a Growth Account?

Quite simply, the cryptocurrency market has produced sizeable returns over the last few years and we believe that the market still has great growth prospects. We also found that people have struggled to put money into this market as the tech nerds have made it complicated. We wanted to simplify it for everyone and hence The 10x Growth Account.